People often confuse what marketing is. It’s not just social media and flyers. Even if your business is a social media based business.

Marketing is so much more. It is designing the commercialization framework for how your product will be presented to the world. One of the biggest mistakes an individual or an organization can make designing, creating, and launching a product with no true commercialization plan. So what is a marketing commercialization plan? In simple terms, it’s how to we talk to the customer and best present our product. What is the messaging, pricing, focus, needs, etc. of our customer. If you do this on the front end you can design the product to meet a specific need, without waisting time designing something no one wants. I can’t tell you how many organizations I’ve worked for where the product has been designed because people “know” what’s needed in the market but haven’t done the research to know what will trigger people to actually spend their preciously allocated funds on that product. Here in the blogging world – that preciously allocated commodity is time. So it’s imperative that we design our product (our blogs) to be the best use of our customer’s time.

Check out our links below to learn more about food blogging and marketing within the food blog world. If you get bored and need a pick me up, maybe pick a recipe to try out…and if you’re incredibly motivated, watch a Google tutorial.

Marketing Tutorials:

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