Learn how to use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, AdWords and other Google applications.

According to G2 there are over 200 different tools to help you optimize SEO for your site, most of them paid. Luckily, however, the Google Suite of tools can handle the bulk of your keyword, SEO, ranking, and analytics, so it’s incredibly convenient that it’s free.

It can be complicated to know what you really need and how to set it up. So we’ve set up a series of tutorials on how to set up Google Tools as well as how to utilize them successfully.

The next question you may have, or perhaps the first question you may have had is, why do I need any of this. It’s simple – if your goal is to grow your website and especially if your goal is to monetize it, it’s  imperative that you know how it’s doing, how to grow it, what to focus on, and ultimately what is and isn’t working. And the Google Suite can do that for you. It can tell you where your site is most popular, what time it’s most popular, all the way down to the words that are getting you the most attention. You can’t afford to not have that level of detail if you want to grow.

Google Analytics:

  • How to setup Google Analytics
  • How to setup custom dashboards (coming soon)
  • How to setup custom reports (coming soon)
  • Better understanding your analytics (coming soon)

Google Search Console:

Google Adsense:

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