Fenugreek – Methi


Fenugreek – Methi is synonymous with authentic and traditional Punjabi cuisine.

When in Punjab fenugreek -methi (both the leaves and the seeds) is a household staple . So much so that we often forget that it’s used anywhere else in the world. Fenugreek seeds have been recovered from as far back as 4,000 BC and was used widely from modern day Rome, Iraq, to India. Fenugreek continues to be used in Indian, Turkish, Iranian, Georgian, and Egyptian cuisine.

It’s a bit difficult to explain exactly what it tastes like but it has a sharp and herbal flavor. For some reason when you google it people are obsessed with saying it tastes like maple syrup. Those people need to invest in better maple syrup for starters. As far as how companies use it to make imitation maple syrup, well I’ve got nothing.

In Punjabi cuisine methi leaves are used in sabjis, daals, roti, and even snacks like mathi. The seeds are used in pickles and as a ground spice. Looking for a methi recipe? Try methi aloo or methi pakoras.

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