Whole Moong Bean


Whole Moong Bean, Mung Bean, or Sabut Moong, is legume native to S.E. Asia and India, and therefore an integral part to the cuisine. There are a number of daals in India, moong being one of the commonly used ones.

Moong bean is a source of high protein, it’s low in calories, fat, and high in fiber. Whole moong beans can be stewed into a daal, sprouted, or cooked into a dry mash, even used for paranthas.

How do you describe the flavor of a lentil. It’s a bean. It tastes beany? But doesn’t give you gas…It’s great for upset tummies and general malaise because it’s easy to digest and high in protein. I mean come on. It’s a lentil.

The one thing I will note about whole moong bean is that it does take longer to cook and requires more water, unlike split moong. So definitely plan on more time and more water.

It’s best stored in a dry place.

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