Cilantro – Dhaniya


Oh how I love cilantro – dhaniya! You can’t use enough of it – it’s a garnish and a way to flavor curries, snacks, yogurt, drinks, rice, breads – basically, EVERYTHING!

Cilantro – Dhaniya is one of those herbs that people either love or hate. Some people think it tastes like metal or soap and others think it tastes fresh, green, and faintly citrusy. It’s so heavily used in Punjabi food that it’s nearly a tragedy when it runs out.

I use it for as many things as I can. As a garnish, flavoring agent, and even a key ingredient, as is the case with my cilantro vinaigrette or cilantro garlic sauce.

How to Buy and Store Cilantro

Luckily, cilantro is available year round at most grocery stores, so no difficulties there.

When selecting cilantro, pick a bunch that’s green and fresh. Stay away from slimy, brown, or dried bunches.

As an avid user, I never have to worry about it going bad but if you only use cilantro occasionally, be prepared that like most delicate herbs, it goes bad quickly. I like to store mine either in an herb container or in a glass of water, like you would flowers.

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