Cumin – Jeera (pronouced zeera), is native to India and an integral part of the cuisine – we use it by the fist full, or so it seems.

The flavor of Cumin – Jeera is intense, aromatic, and warm. It’s used in rice dishes, masalas, gravies, sweets, and drinks. It’s insanely high in calcium, iron, magnesium, and manganese – but only if you’re eating it by the spoonful (ew!). These attributes make it very popular in Ayurvedic medicine. People often confuse cumin with caraway seeds, so make sure to not mix the two.

Recipes using cumin range in the hundreds, from chole, keema, to a simple lamb fry, and on.

How to Buy and Store Cumin

Cumin is best stored whole and ground before use. It can be purchased at most Asian stores, Amazon, or even in ludicrously small quantities at your standard grocery.

Equipment/Specialty Items

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