Top 6 Air Fryer Snack Recipes


We’re all obsessed with our air fryers, let’s be honest. It’s past the fad bit and become a bit of who we are. Mine is now the most used appliance after the fridge. So it’s only natural that I have an article with my Top 6 Air Fryer Snack Recipes.

I splurged for the multi function air fryer by ninja – it toasts, frys, broils, roasts, bakes, dehydrates, etc. all it doesn’t do is self clean, which maaaan, I wish it did! At that point I would give up my need for a meaningful relationship and turn all of my attention to my air fryer. These Top 6 Air Fryer Snack Recipes are easy to make, delicious, and surprisingly healthy. So, the questions is why aren’t you making one, two, or all six, right now?

I assumed the whole air fryer thing was another lame fad that wasn’t worth the time it took to read the quick start guide. But clearly, I gave in eventually. I love my air fryer because I end up using it as a toaster oven almost every day. Who knew I had so much to toast in an oven. I blame it on growing up in India. We used our toaster oven for EVERYTHING! Cheesy toast, making little pizzas, heating up buns, heating kebabs, basically, if it could fit in there, it probably went in there. It’s such a simple and genius contraption. In hindsight, I honestly don’t know how I’ve managed to live without it all of these years.

Clearly, this article is just about making snacks in an air fryer, but you can make just about anything you’d like. I’ve made sabjis, meat, and even a little hand pie in there. This was like an atrocious entry into introducing a sequel. But future posts aside. All of the snack recipes below are easy to make, fairly fast, and will last nicely if properly stored. I’m a huge snacker, and the pandemic has been the death of my waistline. So I’ve been desperately seeking healthier snacking alternatives – that don’t taste like a cardboard box. I can do healthy but I’ll never be one of those healthy people that can heat a grilled chicken breast with nothing on it but salt and a splash of lemon. I’m telling you – that should have been the first hint that my ex husband was a raging poop on a stick. But that’s a whole different conversation – a bit like the time that he asked me for more money after the divorce settlement was final.

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